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Extraction Socket and Soft-Tissue Management

Tuesday 24 March 2020
A/Prof Mauricio Araújo

Two-Part Hands-On Workshop: How to Achieve Optimal Aesthetic Results:

Part 1: Tooth extraction inevitably leads to a rapid loss of bone and soft-tissue volume and resorption of the bone crest. These changes result in unfavourable ridge anatomy that jeopardises dental implant and restorative treatment. If the scientific knowledge of how extraction sockets heal is properly applied, there is an increased possibility of achieving optimal aesthetic & functional results. Scientific and clinical evidence relating to the concept of extraction site management will be presented during the didactic session. The hands-on exercises will allow attendees an opportunity to learn and practice techniques that will:
• Increase the probability of achieving an atraumatic extraction
• Result in the optimal utilisation of biomaterials to minimise extraction site remodelling
• Relate to pertinent surgical skills & considerations i.e. suturing, flap design & instrumentation

Part 2: Soft-tissue grafting procedures are considered an integral part of implant dentistry, with various techniques and materials applied at different time-points. Although autogenous transplants are still widely used and are still considered the gold-standard, they are associated with major disadvantages, and most prominently the associated morbidity. Therefore, more recently, collagen-based soft-tissue substitutes have been developed and demonstrate favourable clinical success and less morbidity. The lecture will include a review of the relevant data relating to soft-tissue regeneration in a clinical setting, whilst the hands-on component will include:
• Use of soft-tissue substitutes for recession coverage & suturing technique to coronally advance the flap
• Suturing technique to fix the connective tissue graft or collagen matrices
• Techniques to accommodate the gain of keratinised tissue

This hands-on course is designed for practitioners with an interest in expanding their treatment options for extraction socket management and soft-tissue regeneration.

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