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Osteology Workshop 1: Lateral Bone Augmentation and Soft-Tissue Reconstruction

ICC Sydney Pyrmont Theatre Meeting Room Level 2
Sunday 21st June 2020
Hands-on Workshop
Prof Istvan Urban

Theoretical background:

• Advanced ridge defects present one of the greatest challenges of bone regeneration in implant dentistry

• There are several techniques available to reconstruct these deficiencies

• The Sausage Technique presents one of the least invasive technique that provides good bone support for implants long-term

• Re-establishment of the vestibule and keratinised tissue after vertical and horizontal augmentation

• The use of a strip gingival graft in combination with a collagen matrix to reconstruct the aforementioned soft tissue


Hands-on workshop – techniques presented:

• Learn the surgical principles of ridge augmentation surgery using the Sausage Technique

• Learn membrane placement, membrane stretch and fixation techniques

• Learn the three steps of flap advancement techniques to achieve tension free closure

• Learn how to protect the mental nerve from injury

• Learn the double layer suture technique to achieve a safe soft-tissue adaptation after ridge augmentation

• Learn how to harvest a strip gingival graft whilst minimising the morbidity traditionally associated with autogenous soft tissue graft harvesting

• Learn how create a Modified Apically Positioned Flap (MAPF), along with suturing techniques to secure both the strip gingival graft, as well as the collagen matrix

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