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​Meniscal damage can often be treated only by partial or complete removal of the meniscus. This can have serious effects on a patient’s quality of life since many patients will suffer from early degenerative changes in the knee following meniscectomy. Later in life they might even require joint replacement procedures.

​Dr. Tomasz Piontek was determined to find a less invasive alternative to meniscectomy and, through his research, develop a technique to save the meniscus.

​In the all-inside technique Arthroscopic Matrix-based Meniscus Repair (AMMR®) the meniscus is wrapped in Chondro-Gide®. The  collagen membrane’s smooth surface is directed to the articular surfaces, its rough, porous side to the meniscal surface.1,2 The membrane is fixed on the meniscus and bone marrow blood aspirate is injected into the space between membrane and meniscus. In this protected “biological chamber” the additional biological factors support the healing process.

​The 5-year success rate of this meniscus wrapping technique was evaluated in a study with 39 patients. Patients were divided into 2 groups: isolated meniscus repair and meniscus repair with concurrent ACL reconstruction. The treatment showed very good mid-term clinical and MRI-based outcomes for complex meniscal tears and a favorable survival rate.3

​Results observed in the ACL group supported recent conclusions in literature which point to a risk of OA development in patients with ACL injuries.


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Steven Kramer

International Product Manager Sports Medicine